" You are but Children of Men...your flame of existence easily snuffed with a breath."

- The Oriṣa Ọ̀sányiǹ to Ògbórí-Ẹlẹ́mọ̀ṣọ́


Millennia after the arrival of the Òrìṣàs in the Cataclysm known as The Great Bifurcation, the remnants of humanity known as The Children of Men lived under the fear of their whims and caprices.


Not long after, the gods decided to establish an event known as “The Hunt” to “spice up their boring eternity”. A supernatural high stakes contest for their twisted amusement involving the best and bravest across the land.


So, every One Hundred and Fifty-three Cycles, during a very rare eclipse known as the "Twins Abomination" (Èèwọ̀ Ìbejì) un-consenting participants are mysteriously "marked by The Hunt" and abducted in their sleep never to be seen again.

Legend has it that the brave or foolhardy (depending on one's perspective) that willingly wants to be involved in The Hunt must slay a very elusive creature known as "Jankariwo Orun", "The Web of the Nether-realm". They then become "marked" by The Hunt.

Consequently, the bravest across the land have been seeking to be part of The Hunt and claim its ultimate prize: a single request granted by the gods.

--- ---

Our story begins with Akinkanju, a once-famous and celebrated hunter across the land who is running from his past and lives for only one future: getting himself entangled in "The Hunt".


He braves perilous circumstances and an epic journey in an attempt to rid himself of his nightmares and find a semblance of peace.