“ And the Earth writhed and wailed in pain. So disfigured and laid bare by her violation, her lover, the Sun refused to look upon her visage for Eons, abandoning her in darkness and despair. In this pain, she did birth Twins, a reminder of her great trauma.”

- Excerpt from The Book of The Forgotten (Ìwé àwọn Agbàbọ̀dè)


Once upon a time, far removed, the Earth was one, and Man ruled over all that was in it. Man was powerful and wielded the Earth's essence (magic) to dominate and multiply and prosper.


Then came a Cataclysm known as “The Great Bifurcation” (Ìgbà Ẹ̀èyà) in the form of the arrival of the gods (Òrìṣà).


They fell from the heavens like comets and crashed to the Earth with such force and violence, the Earth was torn into two dimensions:  Corpus (Ilé Ayé) and Alternus (Ìkọ̀lé Ọ̀run)


Corpus was stripped of all its essence and Alternus was overloaded with it, twisting and corrupting all that was torn with it.

After this Cataclysm, a massive amount of debris and matter was ejected violently into orbit in the heavens. These later coalesced into two wildly different moons: Táiyé (the Herald) and Kẹ́hìndé (the predecessor)