" Hmmmm, yessss ...one of its more curious effects…...a sort of dimensional petrification….. affected all living matter as we know it"
- Ravings of a mad soothsayer shortly before becoming a Forgotten ( Agbàbọ̀dè )



The Eledua Empire stretches from the coasts of West Corpus through to the deep impenetrable forests of the North west reaching the grasslands of Central Corpus

They are a hardy and resilient people and are the most populous of all the races in Corpus

They have been historically at war with the Obviedo for Millennia but are at a tenuous peace with them at present. Other races consider them to be treacherous, scheming, trouble-makers, especially the Ovbiedo.

Their symbol is the Cockrell of Creation against an indigo Adire tapestry


The Obviedo Empire covers most of the grasslands of Central Corpus

Their prime city is Benin City, famous for its “kings road”, a central highway with aqueducts that cuts through the entire city. 


They have an innate affinity for manipulating essence so naturally, many great Soothsayers are from that region. Devotion to the Orishas is very ingrained into their culture (other races consider them religious zealots)

Their symbol is a red and white crest of royalty consisting of a crossed royal sword and spear


The Katigan Empire stretches all along the desert Plains of Eastern Corpus

A prosperous, trading society with their largest city sitting in the midst of the White flats: a massive plain of Salt flats to the North of East Corpus 


Their overarching philosophy is that of enterprise above all else. Unsurprisingly, they trade with any and everyone.

Their trade caravans are famous throughout Corpus with their “Karagoras” stretching as far as the eye can see.

Their symbol is the white eternal knot against a yellow tapestry


The Nok are a Pre-Bifurcation civilization situated on the Great Plateau in the desert plains to the East of Corpus.

They are by far the most technologically advanced and sophisticated society in the whole of Corpus with their ancient city, an oasis in the middle of the desert shining like a jewel with all manner of technological contraptions piercing the sky and flying machines floating about

Unlike the other races, the Nok people use a lot of gold in their ornamentation and crafts because they don't hold any special reverence for the metal (other races attribute it to the gods and thus forbid its use, especially the Ovbiedo who consider the Nok blasphemous heathens)

Their symbol is a golden hourglass against an ornate black background


Not so much as a race as they are an extremely violent, ruthless band of nomadic Pirates that wander the Desert Plains attacking caravans on trade routes


Their origins being a product of violence and despair, this group started when condemned Katigan criminals were sentenced to death by stranding them in the middle of the desert plains naked, with their hands and feet bound. Some of theses individuals managed to survive and started saving others and became the roving gangs which grew into the Pirate hoard that roams the desert plains


They have for hundreds of years attempted to sack the ancient City of Nok to no avail and are basically a thorn in the side of everyone in that region