" Fate refuses to snuff my flame, for I have been blessed and cursed by the gods. It is my burden.... it is my reprieve."
- Akinkanju




Akinkanju, a once great and famed hunter in the lands of The Eledua. Kings courted him, Princesses fawned over him, warriors envied him and many a beast, monster and creature in all dimensions feared his name. Only for him to suddenly disappear from the public eye without a trace.

Running from his past, he finds himself entangled in "The Hunt", a supernatural high stakes contest presided over by the gods for their twisted amusement involving the best and bravest hunters across the land. 


Braving perilous circumstances, he embarks on an epic journey in an attempt to atone for his past and find peace.



Soothsayers are the custodians of lore and act as mediators between the Oriṣa and The children of men. They have the inborn ability to channel essence from Alternus and have studied long and hard to be proficient in wielding incantations of all forms, sometimes at great personal cost.

Abija is a Soothsayer apart, with more to him than meets the eye. This eccentric, whimsical old man has been Akinkanju's friend, mentor, guide and confidant and has saved his skin from the perils of his obsession more times than he cares to recount. 


But his involvement in The Hunt is going to prove to be more than they both bargained for



Àdùkẹ́, the only daughter of the Monarch of Ebà-Odaǹ, the most prosperous of the Independent City-States that form the Eledua Empire has lived a very sheltered life... until now.

She has been marked by The Hunt.

Driven by despair, her Father sends out a desperate call to every legendary hunter in all of Corpus to achieve a near impossible task: to free his daughter from this curse before it is too late. Little did he know the Princess had plans of her own: to take her destiny in her own hands.

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